Happy Solstice

Bad pagan is lazy and doesn't celebrate much. Especially since one of the family elders recently passed, and all the rest of the family has gone to the funeral. So I'm frankly feeling a little sorry for myself at the moment.

But that aside, may the coming year be better than this one. Good wishes to all.
Companion Cube


....actual laughter. The other day, while holding a good friend's three month old son, I distracted him from his looking about at stray sunbeams by blowing puffs of air at one tiny ear. This resulted in a baby chortle that had his father looking over in startlement and noting that that was his first actual laugh. Not a whoop or a chirp but an actual giggle. I've been tickled about it ever since. I love the idea that however many times he laughs, for the rest of his life (and may it be many, many, many times), I was there for the first time. I begin to get a glimpse of why people have babies.

Nature noise CDs

I have several. Mostly of the ocean, because my associations with the ocean are so overwhelmingly positive it makes an amazing cloak of white noise, when it comes to relaxing and sleep. But I found someone who records nature noises and sells them. Soundscapes, as it were. And he has one of a mountain night in Georgia that is seventy minutes of the sound of my happy childhood. I'm listening to it right now, and even with all the storm and stress around, the grief in the city I consider my spiritual's good. Very good. There has to be a word for it, not just nostalgia or reminiscence, but.....when you summon up something very old in your life, and it hasn't lost any of its power to move you.

Dog came home

Sick, wounded, stiff, and unhappy, but alive. Took him to the vet - he's on antibiotics and pain meds for what looks like a bite wound. But he should be okay, insh'allah.

My dog is lost

He has been since Monday evening. He hasn't returned, which is very uncharacteristic of him. He usually doesn't go far at all once he gets out, and he walks up to a neighbor and they call me.

I've put up flyers, I've contacted local vets, I've made sure his microchip info was up to date. I've put up listings on Craigslist and Facebook and other local sites, I've gone to animal control. What else should I do?

Elder Sign

A friend just got me hooked on this game. And now I am pondering buying it....and looking beyond at Arkham Horror. I've always found those Euro-style giant strategy games with the bazillion pieces and expansions intimidating, but.....